We are currently seeking volunteers in many areas including:

  • Acting
  • Security
  • Set design
  • Line control
  • Drivers
  • Kitchen staff
  • ... and MUCH MORE

All volunteer actors must be at least 12 years old. At age 12, we require that a parent or guardian must act in the set with the child. At age 13, a parent or guardian must remain on the premises while the child is volunteering. Don't worry mom and dad, we have numerous fun volunteer activities for adults as well!

If you have are interested, you can sign up with us and pick the areas where you think you can make a difference. In the EVENT LISTING AND REGISTRATION section to the right you can see the current volunteer opportunities and how many of each time slot we need to fill.

To volunteer, just click the 'Sign In To Manage Your Profile' button at the bottom of the form (you might need to scroll down if there are many opportunities open). If you are not already registered with our volunteer tracking system you will be directed to do so. Otherwise, enter your login information for the CERVIS system and then you can start volunteering!

All documents listed below (GREY buttons) need to be filled out by each volunteer and brought to training or otherwise delivered to Nightmare staff.