1958 Ford Sybirt hearse owned by Andrew "Pugsley" Nienau
Tina. a.k.a. The Scare Productions Hearse was purchased in a car auction in February 2006. She was previously owned by the Georgetown medical examiners office District 8 and was part of the Seattle medical fleet being used as both hearse and ambulance at the current time until retirement in 1969 and used as a backup until auction. Lately she is used for parades, car shows and transporting various people both dead and alive, but is best known for her presence at Scare Productions events. Tina is a one-of-a-kind hearse made from the front and back ends of different year 1957-1958 of the same Ford Sedan Delivery model, 312 inch Y block, 3 speed stick transmission. Lengthened by 36 inches, added two doors and fabricated a new back door by the Sybirt Coach Company which is one of the original stage coach and hearse company's. Housed inside are our unique accessories, red curtains, bench seat, and tile floor. She's maintained by the crew from the T & E Motor Works group established in 1997. When Tina isn't out and about she has a resting place inside a parking with her own parking sign, letting people know that the space is her's when she returns.