In 1982, a group of veteran haunters from around the Sound came together to form Scare Productions. Their mission, simply put, to create a non-profit theater group that puts on an annual haunted attraction for the benefit of charity.

Despite losing our facilities to renovations by the city of Des Moines in 2004, SCARE remains a healthy organization with people who come together for a common good. We appreciate all the years of assistance put in by our partners in the Des Moines Rotary. In 2006 SCARE agreed to assist the Nightmare at Beaver Lake, a production created by the Rotary Club of Sammamish for an annual fundraiser.

SCARE is proud to be the Rotary Club of Sammamish's production partner since 2006. SCARE's experience and the Rotary's enthusiasm has made a successful formula that will continue to uphold a tradition of excellence in entertainment for audiences that come from everywhere to attend our show. Why? Because SCARE does it for the community...and the fun!

Our success speaks for itself- we've helped our charities raise millions of dollars in over 30 years of operation. In excess of 50,000 man-hours goes into the production of the show. More than 300 people may be volunteering at any time beginning with construction in February of each year and winding up somewhere in the middle of November.